Get ready for cold and flu season with Immune Fortify elixir! Made with echinacea and elderberry, this formula stimulates the immune response, bolstering your body's defenses against a cold in it's earliest stages. Astragalus, a warming winter tonic, helps strengthen and nourish the body, boosting energy while supporting resilience. Ginger helps activate the formula, as a warming circulatory stimulant, while lending it's anti-inflammatory and anti-viral attributes. 


Herbal extracts of echinacea angustifolia*, elderberry*, astragalus*, ginger*  (*certified organic)



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Immune Fortify elixir (2oz)

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  • Size: 2 oz

    Ingredients: organic cane alcohol, filtered water, raw honey, echinacea angustifolia*, elderberry*, astragalus*, ginger*  (*certified organic)