Finally! Eases pain and spasms associated with menstrual cramps and muscle aches. This product is three years in the making, and a personal favorite! When I first became an herbalist, I recognized (and personally experienced) the strong need for effective herbal relief for cramps. After much trial and error, I have designed what I believe to be a balanced, effective formula for menstrual cramps!


Black haw is the star of this formula, as a strong (but gentle) antispasmodic traditionally used for menstrual cramps. Jamaican dogwood provides relaxation and pain relief. The warming, blood moving action of ginger helps catalyze the aciton of the other herbs, while reducing inflammation. Finally, yarrow is included as a classic "blood balancer", to reduce heavy flows.




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Red Dragon cramp tincture (2 oz)

  • Size: 2 oz

    Ingredients: organic cane alcohol, filtered water, black haw, jamaican dogwood, ginger, yarrow

    *Made with organic, wildcrafted and sustainably grown herbs*