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Cozy up to cold season with this soothing herbal tea! With fragrant, moistening and decongesting herbs, this tea supports recovery while soothing upper respiratory symptoms.


Aromatic hyssop, peppermint and yarrow help decongest stuffy sinuses and dry up runny noses. These warming, diffusive herbs support the fever process and have  antiviral compounds to help your body fight infection.


This balanced blend is packed with moistening herbs (licorice, marshmallow and mullein) to coat and soothe dry tissues in the throat and lungs. These herbs are beneficial for dry, tickly coughs, and help expectorate phlegm from the lungs. 


Flavor: This flavorful blend is very aromatic and a little minty, which has a nice cooling effect on the throat. It's naturally a little sweet and smooth, from the licorice and marshmallow.


Notes on preparation: To get more of a moistening effect, steep this tea longer. Make a large batch in a french press or jar, and steep throughout the day, re-warming as desired. This brings out the mucilage (aka, "gooey-ness") from the marshmallow root (which feels really good on a dry sore throat!)


FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Cold Care Tea

  • Contains 2 oz tea

    Ingredients: Hyssop*, Mullein*, Peppermint*, Licorice*, Yarrow (locally grown), Marshmallow Root* (*organic herbs)

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