Promotes sleep through deep relaxation and stress relief.


All too often, stress and burnout are the culprits of insomnia. By balancing nervine herbs with nerve tonics, this formula helps ease stress, calm the mind, and relax the body to help you ease into sleep.


Is a racing mind keeping you awake? Passionflower is said to slow circular thinking, while skullcap is like putting a "cap" on your brain. Kava provides a stronger calming, muscle relaxing action to address pain, tension or anxiety that may be keeping you awake. The aromatic essential oils in lavender act like a catalyst, enhancing the action the other herbs, while lifting the spirits!



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Sweet Dreams tincture (1 oz)

  • Size: 1 oz

    Ingredients:  organic cane alcohol, grain alcohol, filtered water, organic vegetable glycerin, passionflower, kava, skullcap, evening primrose, tulsi, lavender *Made wildcrafted and sustainably grown herbs*