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Cozy up to bedtime with a cup of this soothing, relaxing herbal tea! 


With deeply calming herbs like chamomile, passionflower, catnip and lavender, this tea helps ease mental tension, so you can relax into the night. It has a soothing feel and lightly aromatic flavor, with a hint of mint and anise hyssop.


Unwind with a cup of after a busy day, or add it to your nighttime ritual! For extra sleep support, pair it with our Sweet Dreams tincture.


This batch features locally grown catnip and anise hyssop from Maple Spring Gardens herb farm!


*Not for use in pregnancy*





Cozy Dozing Tea

  • Size: 2 oz

    Ingredients: Chamomile*, Passionflower*, Peppermint*, Catnip**, Anise Hyssop**, Lavender*, Lemon Verbena*) (*Organic, **Sustainably and locally grown)

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