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Holistic Herbal Healing

Lisa Fouladbash, Clinical Herbalist

Sequoia Herbals LLC is a woman-owned small business that promotes holistic herbal healing through wellness consultations, products and community classes.


Lisa Fouladbash, Owner/Founder

 As a clinical herbalist, herbal healing is my life's mission. At the cornerstone of my practice is the belief each of us is born with innate healing abilities, our bodies constantly striving towards balance. However, the stressors of daily life often tip us off balance, leading to illness. 


My job is to help you address the root causes of these imbalances, for effective, long lasting healing changes. Through consultations, I will work with you to provide a holistic wellness plan, personalized to your needs, that fits with your lifestyle. As an integrative practitioner, I blend traditional herbalism with modern assessment techniques to find the optimal solutions for healing. 


I also offer a line of handcrafted herbal products, thoughtfully formulated from organic, wildcrafted and sustainably grown herbs!






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 Wellness consultations provide a space to share your story and be heard. I will work with you to develop a holistic wellness plan and custom herbal formulations that fit your specific needs.

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We are currently planning classes for 2024. Stay tuned, and join our newsletter to stay updated!



One of a kind herbal products, lovingly crafted in small batches, from quality herbs that are local, organic, or ethically wild harvested. 

My husband and I are both fans of Sequioa Herbals. We have been buying their products for over a year. The owner, Lisa, is kind and knowledgeable about her tinctures, vitamins, supplements, and teas. My husband’s favorite products are the Lightedhearted and Chai Digest, while mine are the Sweet Dreams, customized bitters, and tea blends. 


I also purchased a three month consultation with Lisa to enhance my overall well-being. I was struggling with sleep issues, brain fog from perimenopause, and stress and burnout from work. She recommended a combination of herbs, supplements, and vitamins that helped to improve my overall quality of life. I am grateful for her kindness and patience as she helped to pinpoint the correct regimen for me. 

Kate M., NC

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